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Taste of Game

Wild Duck and Plum Sauce Potato Crisps 40g (Case of 24)

Wild Duck and Plum Sauce Potato Crisps 40g (Case of 24)

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Rich and full of flavour wild duck has a delicious meaty taste.  With a flavour reminiscent of spring onion and hoisin sauce we lightly seasoned the crisps with ginger, star anise and soy sauce flavours.

A truly different range of Game flavoured crisps.  Here at Taste of Game we are passionate about game. Game is wild and natural, part of our countryside harvest and full of delicious flavour.   Made with 100% British potatoes sliced with their skins on and batch cooked.  We then carefully season the crisps with a blend of vegetarian natural herbs, spices and flavours to create our award-winning tasty crisps.

1 star Great Taste Award won in 2021

40g snack size – great for an individual treat and lunch boxes.  24 packets in a case.

Gluten free, vegetarian and vegan.

We send you the freshest crisps straight from the factory with at least four months shelf life on them.

Re-cycle soft plastics at your local grocery retailer. Cardboard is widely re-cycled. 

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