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Just Crisps

Sea Salt Crisps 150g (Case of 12)

Sea Salt Crisps 150g (Case of 12)

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Lightly salted balanced with the potato and nutty oil flavours, golden yellow like our cold-pressed rapeseed oil.

Award winning and 100% British. Just Crisps are made using our finest potatoes and award winning cold-pressed rapeseed oil. Two homegrown ingredients working in perfect harmony to create the ultimate British crisp. Our potatoes are thick sliced with their skins on, and hand cooked on the family farm to produce our delicious delicately crunchy crisps. To see our environmentally friendly farm at work, and how these crisps were made, watch our short video: Just Crisps - The only 100% British Crisps - YouTube 

1 star Great Taste Award won in 2021

1 star Great Taste Award won in 2013 

1 star Great Taste Award won in 2012

150g Sharing size - perfect for parties or a family night in. 12 packets in a case. 

Gluten free, vegan and vegetarian.

We send you the freshest crisps straight from the factory with at least four months shelf life on them.

Re-cycle soft plastics at your local grocery retailer. Cardboard can be widely recycled.

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